Logitech G announces a new wireless gaming mouse – G305, claims 250 hours of nonstop gameplay

Logitech G today announced G305- a new wireless gaming mouse featuring LIGHTSPEED™ wireless technology and the HERO™ (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor, which it claims to be 10 times more power efficient than the previous generation of mice. 


“For years, we have been committed to delivering wireless performance that was faster than our competitor’s wired offerings,” vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming Ujesh Desai said.

“Through our work Wireless has advanced to the point where esports pros are trusting our innovative technology and winning with our wireless mice. With the G305 we wanted to bring the same top-of-the-line technology to everyone.”

Logitech G also claimed that the wireless gaming mouse will offer a highly competitive responsiveness and accuracy, 400 IPS precision and sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI, with no acceleration or smoothing. G305 weighs just 99 grams. G305 will have a battery life of 250 hours (Continuous Gameplay) on a single AA battery on a 1ms report rate. Battery life can be extended upto nine months, if you use Endurance mode with a 8ms report rate.

The mouse will head to retailers this June with an RRP of £51.99. It will be available in black and white.

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Manpreet Singh

A gamer/developer, engineer, entrepreneur and animal rights activist. Founder of Smartynote -'The notepad app for dyslexia'. Big fan of South-park, Godfather, Interstellar. 'Alright, Screw you guys, I'm going home!'


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