Epic games hints a release date for Fortnite’s Android version

Epic games hints the release date of the much awaited Android version of Fortnite. The game which was already released on iOS back in March, will be coming some time this summer (so from June to August).

Apart from the release date, Epic games also shed a light on some new additions and improvements coming along with the mobile platform. Primary modification includes the ability  to customize the HUD, which it depicted in the image.

Other than that, Voice chat will soon be coming so users can chat with their team mates. You will be able to mute yourself or anybody else and the voice chat will work across platforms. A battery saver mode will be added that reduces graphics settings for lowered power consumption.

Gameplay physics will see some improvements too – mostly focused on Autorun and adding more ways to fire.  A stats tracking feature is also coming for the mobile version.

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Manpreet Singh

A gamer/developer, engineer, entrepreneur and animal rights activist. Founder of Smartynote -'The notepad app for dyslexia'. Big fan of South-park, Godfather, Interstellar. 'Alright, Screw you guys, I'm going home!'


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